From Whale Brae to Fishmarket Square, the history of the sea
is all around us in the names of the streets in Newhaven.

Throughout the years, they were home to native ‘Oyster Callers’ and awash with the unique ‘reek’ of the whaling oil being turned into soaps. Then there were the hard-grafting herring lassies, making the long walk uphill to sell their fresh bounty from baskets around Edinburgh. In an age of great change, the bond between Newhaven and the sea is something we want to support and sustain.

Newhaven Fishmarket was created in the 18th century by Henry Dempster, a hardy mariner and a native to Newhaven. In its heyday the harbour hosted a hundred fishing boats that landed directly to supply the bustling market. Over the years, economics of the fishing industry have changed and as a result, the traditional fishmarket operates to a lesser extent but the original atmosphere has been retained. We are proud to be neighbours and look forward to playing our part in continuing to support and nurture this remarkable community.


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